It is a little known fact that pickles are key to success. You must always be on the lookout for a good healthy pickle. When Stephen isn't busy eating the more manly foods such as bacon, and rocks, he indulges in a healthy pickle or two.

If you eat more than 5 jars of pickles a day, you are probably fat, but very good at simple tasks such as typing really fast, and falling down.

Bad PicklesEdit


Do not be fooled by the dread-locks, smile and pleasant thumbs-up. He is wearing the godless loafers!

But, you should also watch out for bad pickles. A bad pickle is easily recognized by its over sized sunglasses, and loafers. Some bad pickles will even have dread-locks, but do not be fooled! Bad pickles are still pure evil!

A bad pickle will do things such terrible deeds as: stealing all the raisins from the trail mix, and leaving bread crumbs in the butter, so when someone else goes to use the butter they are like, "Oh no! Now my sandwhich will never be the same!" or "I was really looking forward to the delicious butter."

The Pickle WarEdit

In the year 1988, the great pickle war began. The bad pickles ammased an army of outstanding proportions. It seemed that they would dominate the world of little crunchy snacks. But luckly for humanity, lions love to eat pickles to get the taste of tourist out of their teeth. The pickle invasion was put to a halt, and nothing bad ever really came of it.

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