Abandon Truthiness All Ye Who Enter This Internets Tube!
discusses one of the Liberal's Ridiculous Theories and Notions.
makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

While physics is often described as an experimental science that seeks to describe the most fundamental aspects of our universe, it is commonly known to be wrong (lacking in Truthiness) due ion large part because of Brian Morris. This single student has one of the largest contributions in bringing down all fundamental theories of physics. There are three main camps regarding the reasons behind the wrongness of physics. The first camp is dedicated exclusively to Brian Morris also know as "the Destroyer of Smiles." He has some proposed some of the stupidest questions ever heard by human ears. On one occasion a student in one of his classes had to be sent to the hospital due to ear bleeding because of Morris' questions. Thankful, the world has S. Cotts, a teacher who helps to correct Morris' mistakes. Another camp asserts that physics is wrong because it is part of a vast conspiracy of evolutionists who lie to the public in order to cover up the fact that the Bible is fundamentally and inerrantly true. The other camp asserts that though physics is wrong, no vast conspiracy is behind its wrongness. Instead, physicists are wrong either because "They're not that smart" or, because they happen to make similar mistakes which leads them to incorrect conclusions supposedly backed up by experimental data.

One thing is certain about the nature of physics however: it is confusing and Brian Morris adds to the confusion. Luckily he is often at home, 25 hours a day studing for an exam that is 16 years away. And nothing so confusing could possibly be right, since it is accepted knowledge that a middle school education along with Bible study is all that is required to understand as much of the universe as God wants us to.

is science-related, sending it straight to hell.

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