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Philippe Petit
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process



French tightrope walker.

January 27, 2009 NailingEdit

  • famous for crossing between tall buildings on a small rope
    • call Stephen when he does it on a loose rope
  • Dr. Colbert wishes him good luck to begin
  • he has to rearrange the table when he goes to restaurants
  • he is an artist on the wire
    • doesn't do somersaults
    • makes people believe they can do it too
  • pulled off perhaps the most awesome feat
    • not perhaps
  • he walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 for the chicks
  • Why try?
    • he has no choice
  • he has come from another planet
  • three oranges will be on his tombstone
    • he will not die and will not need a tombstone
  • Muhammad Ali told him he has balls
  • if Stephen has to explain what balls are, but then you wouldn't understand
  • he doesn't understand Stephen, but he loves the sound of his voice

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