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Philip Cooney is the former chief of staff for The Greatest President's Council on Environmental Quality. He left the position in June of 2005 to "take the summer off" and spend more time with his family, according to then White House spokesman Scott McClellan. A week later, Cooney accepted a job with ExxonMobil.

Philip Cooney's Contributions to the Global War on Climate ChangeEdit

While serving at the pleasure of the President, Philip Cooney put his training as a lawyer, economist, and former lobbyist for the oil industry to good use on several scientific documents about the non-emergent non-trends on the non-subject of global warming. Apparently, some Global Warmtroopers took issue with this, and a whistleblower named Rick S. Piltz took issue with some of Cooney's editing on certain climate change related reports.

Dana Perino defended the work Mr. Cooney did for The Greatest Administration Ever, even as McClellan made clear that Cooney was fully qualified as "someone who's very familiar with the issues relating to climate change and the environment."

Philip Cooney's Legacy of Public ServiceEdit

Until the hippies figure out a way to turn Al Gore's self-righteousness into an alternative fuel source, maybe they shouldn't be so quick to judge who is and isn't an "authority" on what's "good for America's Planet."

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