"Philadelphia's Year Of Evolution Celebration"
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The city of Philadelphia can't seem to make up its mind: support our troops by welcoming Stephen or join Al Qaeda by wasting an entire year celebrating The Myth of Evolution!

Come on Philly, pick a side, we're at war!

It's obvious to even the n00biest of n00bs which side is on (Stephen's)

But, we still feel it is our duty to keep Americans informed of the devious machinations of the anti-Bible Evilutionistas! That is why we are offering this page for every good American to document each and every exhibit that is a part of Philadelphia's Year of Evolution "Celebration"

Please post any ritual or feast you have heard (or imagine) will be a part of this orgy of abomination in the section below.


  • Have Sex With A Monkey Interactive Animatronic Ride
  • "Out Of The Ooze" photo essay presented Live! with Paris Hilton
  • Phrenology and Noose-tying Ring Toss

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