Phil ken sebben

Phil Ken Sebben, the masterful proprietor of Sebben & Sebben. A hell of a guy, with a great sense of humor.

Phil Ken Sebben is a character on Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law.. TV cartoon transmission. He is one of the named partner's in the law office that Harvey Birdman works at.

Job Edit

Phil Ken Sebben was originally the Controller of the super secret organization that sent Birdman on his missions. After the fall of the Communist empire, Phil retired and became a named partner in the law firm Sebben & Sebben. The other Sebben was his clone, so it seemed like a great idea to bring the original on board. With the Cold War now over most supevillians and superheros put out of work by Steven had to turn to Bill Clinton's Jobs for Superheroes Act (1995), which promised employment to those heroes who had saved the world at least seven times. Retraining for a job in law was a great opportunity, and Sebben made sure that these newly minted lawyers had a place where they could be hired for below the going rate.

Great, But What Does This Have To Do With Stephen Colbert? Edit

Stephen Colbert became involed in this show to fightback against being defamed by an imiitator using his name in that other show Venture Brothers. He has lent his exquisite vocal talents because his character "Phil Ken Sebben" reflects a better picture of what Colbert and The Nation is all about. This is to reassure the nation's children that truthiness will prevail.

Types of Cases & Other Work Edit

Sebben & Sebben handles a large amount of cases. These include the usual civil and criminal matters that might go before the court. As another law office had wrongfully gotten the exclusive contract to provide prosecuting attorneys for the DA's office, Sebben & Sebben fights the good fight of overthrowing the liberal elite legal establishment.

What If It Is In Fact Colbert On The Venture Twins show? Edit

We all know Dr. Colbert is a genius. It's entirely possible that he has infiltrated this Venture Cousins program, and is acting to tear down it's wall of youth deceiving imagery. If so, bravo Stephen Colbert, well played Sir. If not, at least their's always Debbie.

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