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Peter Gomes
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Author of the book, "The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus: What's So Good About the Good News?".

September 15, 2008 NailingEdit

  • he got the idea for his book from the newly discovered TMZ scrolls
  • the scandal is he wants to sell books
    • he is an honest man
  • believes The Bible is not definitive
  • there's a lot to be said of Jesus
  • Baptist minister, a member of the Baptist elite
    • not a Southern Baptist, he's a Harvard Baptist
  • threatens our sense of well-being
  • Jesus opposed the status quo
  • Jesus was something of a maverick
    • is Sarah Palin Mary Magdelen?
  • change is following the implications of what the law
  • modern churches are not engines of change
  • was baptized a Catholic and is still considered by Stephen to be one

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