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Stephen from Knox
Peter Ernest
was interviewed outside The Eagles' Nest and still got nailed.

November 6, 2008 NailingEdit


  • doesn't normally wear a tuxedo
  • promises not to yell during the whole interview
  • was 25 in clandestine service
  • never killed anyone, but couldn't really tell anyone
    • may have been 7
  • never seduced a woman spy on a mission
  • no seduction, cold-blooded humping
  • intelligence medal of merit
    • no longer undercover
  • won't sell his medal to Stephen
  • difference between spy and magician
    • engage in deception, illusion
  • was thinking of the 4 of clubs
  • adopted a whole new identity
  • next week Dr. Colbert will learn what sacrifices are needed to become a spy
    • things may or may not go up your butt!

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