Mr. Dominick is a CNN contributor and one of the liberal media elite. Therefore he must be a Marxist, Socialistic, homosexual out to destroy America.

Quickly rising through the ranks after slaying the evil demonic dragon that stood in his way, he now has far more airtime then is fair for a bald man.

His head is said to be as smooth as a baby's bottom....but seems somewhat sensitive to some Slim Whitman Music.

Russia ESC 2010 - Peter Nalitch - Lost and Forgotten REMIX00:48

Russia ESC 2010 - Peter Nalitch - Lost and Forgotten REMIX

Pete Dominick does not like Slim Whitman music....we don't know why.

Uhm.....were not sure we wanna know what's goin on here.

102208 01

Me thinks Pete may be a little to close too Fox....for their comfort level.

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