It's too late to pray for Pentecostal!
Pentecostal are doomed!
People Who Are in Cults

Pentecostalism is the belief of the second baptism of the Holy Spirit, in which you speak in tongues. The gift of Salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit are seperate events. Certain denominations don't believe speaking in tongues is not needed for modern day, and they don't see it as a gift for this time. Pentecostals believe otherwise, that speaking in tongues is still a given gift from the Lord.

Origin Of PentecostalismEdit

pentecostaliam come from vegiemite

What Pentecostals BelieveEdit


Flood MythEdit



Sects Within PentecostalismEdit

Pentecostal RitualsEdit

Pentecostal Holy DaysEdit

Modern PentecostalismEdit

Facts About PentecostalismEdit

Famous PentecostalsEdit

The Kings of Leon

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