An Accused and unidentified pederast...back when he was black


8 year olds, Dude.

A pederast is what a pedophile is called when they are sleeping. You see, pedophiles get tired too, from all their pedophiling, and need sleep. Usually when a pedophile is sleeping, he is dreaming about more pedophiling, and often dreams about the muscley 16 year old newspaper boy who lives down the street.


Michael Jackson

Fred Phelps is the most notorious pederast of the 21st Century. Ya sure, tell it all to you, FUCK OFF. I' m in bed with a 12 yo prepubescent boy NOW ! I'll send the vid. after I CUM in his little fuck hole. Let's see now my records show this hottie is my 22nd boy I fucked. Feels fucking ace to sexually molest boys in my protected gated community . Tonite im going to a boy sex party , so better get somerest and take 2 zinc tabs to boost my sperm count. Like last time I had two blond swiss boys jerk me off. I pounded one till his tight little hole over flowed with my man batter. I watched as the other boy slut felched my load and spit into his friends open mouth. Only way to catch me is to kill me , I'll die fucking boys,

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