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A peach.

A round, water-tower-shaped fruit that is common to The Southern United States, specifically South Carolina.

The Real Peach StateEdit

It has been made known by Stephen Colbert that South Carolina produces better and more peaches (200 million a year) than the so-called 'peach state' Georgia. Georgia only has peanuts and coca cola. Deal with it, Georgia. Also, Georgia peaches taste like ted Turner's assEpisode #331.

Peaches were an unknown fruit and didn't become popular until the song "Peaches" by the band Presidents of the United States of America off of their self-titled album hit the air waves.

"Millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free."

Peaches are also effective bear deterrents. Which is why there are no bears in South Carolina.

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