Paultard AKA Paulites (internets language)

  1. People that don't know anything about Ron Paul, but still think he's the greatest thing since Chuck Norris.

Origin: portmanteau of the last name of Republican candidate Ron Paul and retard

Paul + tard = paultard


  • Rontard
  • Ronroid
  • Paulbot
  • Ronbot
  • Asshole

How did they get this name?Edit

Paultards got this name due to lack of education on Ron Paul, bascially the gullible and non politically aware. Paultards are also referred to as Sheeple. Ron Paul himself coined this phrase and then other people tried to change it to fit their own needs. The uneducated believe it is actually a term to describe Ron Paul Supporters, but since Ron Paul himself coined the phrase first it just shows a lack of education on those people who beleive that.

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