Paul Farhi
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Farhi babbling on about something

Paul Farhi is a wordonista at the Washington Post, who writes mostly about the internets and pop culture.

He is old and bald and likely has a basement in his house, where he has his computer, a mini fridge and, one can safely assume, dozens of cameras.

Farhi has appointed the task of covering truthiness to himself, asking who will lead America in late-night comedy now that the writers are on strike.

Excuse me, Mr. Farhi, but we're at war. This is no time to make fun of how much Mike Huckabee looks like the chef in the Campbell Soup commercials.

Oh, and if you're going to point to comedy on the internets, you can do better than Jib-Jab. Try reading Fark or the many tubes that mock Wikipedia! There's real comedy gold for ya, fella.

Message For The HeroesEdit

Heroes, please write to Farhi to let him know how you feel about truthiness and the state of American comedy in the internets, specifically how carried the truthiness torch for Dr. Colbert while he was away.

And then he'll see how funny it is to ridicule American statesmen like Fred Thompson, who could totally take him wrestling, so long as there is a nap period somewhere in the middle!

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