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Paul Dinello
is Very Manly™.

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I’m off to my mountain lair, but not without my strudel!
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~ Pavros


Stephen has reportedly said it's Paul's hair that does it for him.

Paul Dinello is Stephen Colbert's heterosexual life partner. Paul and Stephen met each other at Second City. The first time they laid eyes on each other, they engaged in heated heterosexual man-loving. But let it be known, neither man is gay (this makes Baby Jesus sad).

The comedians/writers/lovers did various projects, including Exit 57, and Strangers with Candy, a show in which they got to openly express their heterosexual man-love.

Sexuality Edit


Paul Dinello is actually Pavros!
Stephen long-lost evil fraternal twin!

During an interview with Newsweek, Colbert had this to say about his relationship with Dinello: "I resent accusations that we are gay lovers. Paul and I are best friends, and we are both openly Amerisexual."

It has been confirmed by Dinello's friends that he does indeed identify himself as an Amerisexual. In the past he has dated Amy Sedaris and (it has been rumored) Princess Diana, but his longest, and most committed relationship is with America herself (identified as feminine, so he's not a queer).

Ass Edit

Despite some claims, Paul Dinello's ass is (like Stephen Colbert's) 100 percent real.

Lips Edit

They are epically pillowy; Angelina Jolie ain't got NOTHING on them! It is rumored that they have magical powers capable of curing the AIDS.

*may cause cold sores. (It's not a cold sore...)


Michelangelo himself sculpted them, having perfected the technique with his David. They are perfect for doing laundry and cracking open beers.

Links Edit

Paul Dinello dot net


he is a big fan of the Jonas Brothers

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