Paul Broun
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 10th" district of the state of Georgia
Paul Broun
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Paul Broun is a doctor of some sort. He lives in Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia. The fact that he is a doctor is not unusual; according to the 2000 census, nearly 86 percent of Athenians had doctorates.

Dr. Broun was elected in 2007 to serve out the term of Charlie Norwood, who — God rest his soul — patriotically died so a Republican could have his seat.

Recently Dr. Broun won the Republican primary against Ned Flanders, the neighbor on The Simpsons. "Hi-de-le-ho, loser," Broun said in his victory speech.

Dr. Broun is one of the rare brave individuals who still supports George W. Bush.

In November Broun is slated to defeat the Democratic candidate, Jim "My Favorite Martin."

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