Despite what you may have heard
Patrick Star
Is totally not gay!

A typical stoner

Patrick star is a current Governer of Atlantis. He was born in Lintville, Illinois on April 1, 1966 and was considered to be the world's first Human\Starfish Hybrid. His parents were Ringo Starr and Glub MacStark.

Jail LifeEdit

Patrick copy

A shot of him in jail, a broken star.

He was arrested for the trafficking drugs on Septenber 22, 1992 and was in jail for 6 years, with no parole. In jail he had an intervention with his loved ones, who told him to get off the crack. Spongebob found him snorting Cocaine, and called Jesus to help. Jesus was busy, so he sent his big brother Stephen Colbert to help. Stephen Colbert roundhouse kicked Patrick in the head, getting all bad thoughts out (and all others as well.) Patrick star decided to become amish after his mother was killed in a lightbulb accident, and he is part of the Canadian seal hunt because he hates those damn seals.

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