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Despite what you may have heard
Patrick McHenry
Is totally not gay!

Representative McHenry visiting his constituents.

Patrick McHenry, the Republican Representative for Lesser Carolina's 10th Congressional District is the 31-year-old "baby" of the House of Representatives. Mark Foley would have loved to "show him the ropes," but alas...

McHenry's hands were filled with the four young male aides who used his address on their voter registration. Especially, Tennessee law student, Michael Aaron Lay who may have committed voter fraud, but at least it wasn't gay voter fraud.

Patty's FamilyEdit

As a virile example of Republican masculinity, Patty most likely has many wives--in addition to the one in his basement.

He is bound to have hundreds of children (that he doesn't know of).

Things Patty McHank SupportsEdit

America's TroopsEdit

No one supports America's troops more than Representative McHenry. In fact those four robust men who lived at his house, were more than likely soldiers, or, at the very least "two-bit security guards".

John McCain Edit

Patrick McHenry clearly understands the plight of America's citizens with gastrointestinal issues, feeling the need to remind us of his own physical ailments at the thought of John McCain for President.

Rock Music Edit

Patrick McHenry has been a long supporter of rock music, having spent $702 hard earned dollars supporting our poor impoverished rock singers.

Them Wiki Things Edit

Patrick McHenry is an avid lover of Wikipedia, and makes sure that adequate truthiness is carried through in all of his relevant articles.


Patrick McHenry supports underage drinking so much he wishes he was 19 and making out with a horny frat boy again. Wait, what?

Things That Patty McHank OpposesEdit

Parliamentary ProceduresEdit

External TubesEdit

Patrick McHenry
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 10th" district of the state of Lesser Carolina
Patrick McHenry
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

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