Patrick Chamusso
is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

Migrant worker activist Patrick Chamusso

Patrick Chamusso was a migrant worker from Mozambique who worked in the oil fields of apartheid South Africa. During his vacations, he would party in bantustans, holiday resorts for blacks. One day though, he partied so hard he blew up his factory - uh oh! And so out of compassion, the Anti-Terrorism Bureau of South Africa gave him a better home in the South African prison system.

After the fall of apartheid, Chamusso decided to move out of his island get-away and back to his wife and children.

His story was made into the Hollywood film Catch A Fire, starring known liberalfascist Tim Robbins.

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