If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a
Paper Boy

Dr. Colbert explaining that smart paper boys will use protectionEpisode #521

Paper boy is a job reserved for young boys--never girls. Hired by the media, the boys wake at the break of dawn to spread liberal propaganda to sleeping Americans.

Who Can Become A Paper Boy?Edit

Keep asking your local newsagents and keep asking they'll know you're willing if you do so. Try once every 2 - 3 weeks.

What Education Does A Paper Boy Need?Edit

None whatsoever, just knowledge of their local area.

What Do Paper Boys Do?Edit

They deliver News papers to doors on their list - provided by Newsagents.

What Special Equipment Do Paper Boys Need?Edit

Nothing the Newsagents supply the Paper bag. Although YOU may want to use a Scooter, Bike or any other type of transport to help you in the rain or just to get the job done in early mornings, most Paper rounds start at 7:00AM

Where Do Paper Boys Work?Edit

Generally in Newsagents such as the "Spar/Premiere" or even "Best in/one." This applies for the United Kingdom, I'm unsure about the United States of America, Spain, New Zealand, Italy and other countries.

How Much Money Do Paper Boys Make?Edit

This really does depend on how many papers you deliver a day, you usually are paid at the end of the week, I get paid Saturdays my pay is £21 for six days (Mon - Sat) and an average of 20 papers. You can however take on more than one paper round, up to three in fact.

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