Panama (country)
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The most famous Panamanian is John McCain. By the way, something you should know, Panama is not in North America. Panama is way to close to the Equator. Sure, its part of Central America, which is between Mexico and Colombia, but it appears that a certain country cant be in North America if its south of Costa Rica. But Panama does exist though. Its located in northern South America.

Culture Edit

Panamanians are all naturally sexy (while young), due to thier naturally flawless features, Stephen Colbert, has been seen dating these nationalist sexy panamanins in an effort to gain back the canal. However, to the responce, Colbert has been rejected! Yay! Viva Panama!! Panamanian are known also for thier rich heritage of intelligant monkeys, who control most of the canal in effort to scare away bears!!

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