Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!

A figment of The Enemy's imagination.

The world's largest manufacturer of rocks and non-guided rockets. Many Muslims and Christians live there. America's closest ally in the Middle East, after Iran and Liberia. Repackaged as a Christmas gift by Britain in 1948. Now actually called Israel, which as the name says, is real.

Often referred to as the "Harry Houdini" of the Middle East,it simply vanished once Israel was created. Also referred to as non-existant by Israel's supporters, although the rock manufacturers, under the alias "Palestinians", will say otherwise.


Famous Palestinians include the entire Hamayel family (Mama, Baba, Dana, Lulu, Big Mo, Lil Mo, Ali, and Sasha). The Hamayels are leaders in the inport/export industry. Their company is now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. They plan on relocating back to Palestine once the invading force known as israel is eliminated. Ala Hamayel is currently considering running for president of palestine.

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