Stab in the back?
Or slap in the face?
Pakistan is one of America's Frenemies.
Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!


Pakistan is Afghanistan's Virginia.


Frenemyship With AmericaEdit

Pakistan and USA are BFFs (Best Friends Forever). Pakistan has been a member of the C.O.W., after The Greatest President Ever threatened to cut off Pervez Musharraf’s penis if he didn’t help America. General Pervez Musharraf is Pakistan’s military dictator, who took over the government in a military coup. However, this does not mean that America supports one dictator, while it brings down another. Well, actually, that’s exactly what it means, but only as long as Musharraf continues to support America.

After the capture of Osama bin Laden a few days after 9/11, he was sent to a remote tribal village in Pakistan. Here, he is being held prisoner by the loyal tribal chiefs who have sworn allegiance to The Greatest President Ever.

Nuculer ArmsEdit

In 1998, Pakistan conducted 6 nucular tests, one more then its arch-rivals India. Conspiracy theories that suggest that fewer devices we tested, and that some devices failed to explode correctly, have been proved wrong, since they were based on scientific evidence from seismic monitoring, and therefore, obviously flawed. After the nucular tests, President Bill Clinton felt threatened that Musharraf’s penis was bigger then his, so he imposed economic and military sanctions against Pakistan. These were of course correctly revoked by The Greatest President Ever, when he took office. Our President, ofcourse, has the Greatest Penis Ever... so he does not feel threatened by anybody, especially that prick Kim Jong Il and his tiny asian penis.

In 2004, it was revealed that A. Q. Khan, the head of Pakistan's nucular agency, had sold nucular secrets to Iran and North Korea, both members of the Axis of Evil. Consequently, Musharraf gave him the biggest punishment of all, a presidential pardon.


If you want to study in Pakistan, you may apply to the elite PIT (Pakistan Institute of Terrorism)

Famous ResidentsEdit

  • Osama bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda. Moved to a new address. Somewhere in the 9th circle of Hell, being Satan's ass slave.
  • Abu Hafs al Shahri, Al Qaeda's chief of operations in Pakistan. Now retired and allocated to a new address, somewhere really hot. You know those terrorists, they like their heat to be "extreme". Last we heard, he was Satan's ball washer. Funny, I didn't know Satan played golf.

External TubesEdit

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