Al Franken
PBS has earned
is for the kids!

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The enemy within.
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9/27/2006, The Colbert Report

PBS supposedly stands for "Public Broadcasting System". It is, however, a well known communist front funded by Islamofascist oil profits and actually stands for "People's Broadcasting System".

Funded, "by viewers like you", through your tax dollars and begging non-stop for more "pledge" money 24x7.

When not begging for money, they frequently televise programs produced with their comrades, like FRONTLINE, which is produced with the help of the New York Times.

When the People's Broadcasting System isn't showing indoctrunational programming such as Seaseme Street, they are known for showing programming which no-one watches such as ballet. This is used in the left's secret emasculation centers in an attempt to create more creatures in their own image.

PBS should be avoided at all costs.

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