P.K. Winsome, CostumerEdit

One of Winsome's chief enterprises is P.K.'s Costume Castle. He is a frequent patron of this chain himself, though he gets a 100% off discount because he owns it.

P.K. Winsome always dresses up as Bryant Gumbel for Halloween. He understands the power of the disguise: once you put on the mask, nobody - even a person who sees color - can tell what race you are underneath it. This tactic has come in handy for the numerous black-ops missions that have been undertaken by Winsome in his lifetime. He has served as a spy in the U.S.S.R., Iran, North Korea, Sudan (if it exists), Venezuela, and France, along with a few other undisclosed countries and locations - which, like Sudan, may or may not actually be real places.

Winsome believes that people should dress up for Thanksgiving as well as Halloween. He reasoned on "The Colbert Report" that if the Pilgrims were around today, they might dress up as Transformers too.

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