God Touching Adam
"Ownership Society"
you have been touched in a very special way.
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Ownership Society is how The Greatest President Ever see America.

Other presidents thought America was not defined by her love of the market, but they were sadly mistaken.

America has always been defined by her marketplace as much as for her Christianity!

Why The Word "Ownership" Is UsedEdit

When "Ownership" in America BeganEdit

How The "Ownership Society" Flourishes TodayEdit

Why No Other Country Can Be An "Ownership Society"Edit

Taxes: Other countries charge taxes. And then they spend all 'their' money on sneaky stealthy F-35 and F-22 planes. Americans cut taxes so that all Americans pay a simple 1% flat tax. In Communist countries like Micronesia, the government is Big. Americans have a small government that minds their own business. The Young Turks own a slot on Obama has never owned a slot before so he dated Oprah.

Britain's most valuable company hit the $600 billion level for the first time Tuesday. But they do not own it because Britain is not an "Ownership Society." Cameron knows that the Communists do not allow Britain to own anything.

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