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Ottawa Senators
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Ottawa Senators
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The Ottawa Senators are a hockey team that plays in the NHL. They were created when the league was created in the early 1950s, and have never won the Stingley Cup.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans love to throw that last point in the faces of their rivals from Ottawa, despite the fact that the Maple Leafs themselves haven't won since 1967 (and neither has any other team from Canada). The Canadian teams basically like to out-suck each other and rip on one another depending on how they do in games against one another, and based on how close their city is to the Quebec border.

cocaine rumoursEdit

Ottawa has recently suffered from an outbreak of cocaine addictions and have suffered staggering defeats from the Pittspurgh Bengals.

Ottawa sits right on the border that separates Quebec from the rest of the universe, so combine that with their Stingley Cup record, and it is easy to see why its citizens and their team are generally shat upon with insults.

However, since Ottawa lies on the border with Quebec, they are the first line of defence from French-Canadians. The Colbertnadians who live there always need to be on guard.

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