is a City found in Canada, eh.

Mayor: Rick Mercer
City Motto: Come to Ottawa to fight for your right to complain on a daily basis
Nickname: Pottawa
Theme Song: A place to stand, a place to grow, Ottawa's home in Ontario
Population: Home of the Senators
Standard MPH: Class 6 rapids on the Ottawa river, official transportation method of Ottawa
Principal industries: Letter writing
Fun Fact # 1: The only province with the 5th season 'Canadark': the 6 months of pure darkness Ontario faces every winter
Fun Fact # 2:

Most people in Canada assume Ottawa is in the Province of Quebec


The National Flag of Canajuana and the sub district of Ottajuana, Ottawa


Ottawa HistoryEdit

Ottawa was orignally a purpose built city for the isolation of Flamingos but was conquered in 1816 by the Huron Bear Tribe to be used to enslave and imprison the resident human population and also used to discriminate the local flamingo population for centuries.

Ottawa TodayEdit

Ottawa comprises of Canadian Parliament Building and the houses and streets around it.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In OttawaEdit

The Huron Bear comunity is 23.4% of the population of Ottawa being the third smallest ethnicity in the city but controlling the other 76.6% of the population. The 76.6% of the population is divided as follows, Land Lions 0.01%, Flamingos 12.99%, Humaniods 63.6% which is subdivided into White 40.3%, Black 13.3%, Green 6.6%, and Gay 3.4%. Ottawa is consider diverse to the NAACP of Canada but still finds discrimination against the Gay and Flamingo communities. Ieatmopwho land is also a miniscule demographic.

Ottawa LandmarksEdit

  • Great Wall of Canada
  • Great Teddy Graham Statue
  • Santorum Space Neddle
  • Die Ottawer Mauer Strasse
  • Statue of Despairity

Famous People From OttawaEdit

  • Justin Timberlift
  • Justice Beaver
  • Lumberjack Joe
  • Katy Peachy
  • Rarracka Obombast
  • Trick Ricky Santy-Orum
  • Menime
  • Thirty Cent
  • Lady Gogo
  • Michelle Bable
  • Maple Syrupa

A Typical Day In OttawaEdit

An Ottawatan citzen pays respect to the local Huron Bear tribe by sacraficing the first born baby of the last born male in the city. The citzens then gather in the towncenter to sing praises unto the golden teddy graham statue, an idolized bear of Canada. The citzens proceed to eat Americans that cross their border for the Feast of Foreigners prepared daily by the Huron Bear Tribe and equally distributed umong the populous, known as American Communism. The day continues with creative progandist letter writing and ends in the popular activity in Battle of 1812 which is a remake of the Huron Bear Tribes victory over the invading Flamingo army. This is performed to appease the Great Bear that rules over the Huron Tribe, this bear is known as Justice Beaver.

Strange Laws in OttawaEdit

It is illegal to eat ice-cream on Bank Street on a Sunday. It's illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft. It's illegal to eat Oranges on bathtubs. It is illegal to walk a lobster on a leash in the Market. It's illegal to say anything offensive towards the homosexual community.

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