Orrin Hatch
is a United States Senator
for the state of Utah
Orrin Hatch
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Orrin Hatch is a level-headed, America-loving, Christian, who just so happens to be a public servant of the Republican persuasion.

Orrin is always looking out for what is best for Americans. He is keenly aware of how they suffer the slings and arrows of the liberal agenda. The most egregious aspect of the liberal agenda which hurts Orrin personally is the one that seeks to punish them for protecting America!

Orrin famously supported America's side in the warrantless wiretapping debate and urged all Americans to defeat the measure that the liberal wing of the communist party had shoved beneath America's own private bathroom stall. He employed all the weapons in his rhetorical arsenal to the point of n ear hysteria--he loves America that much.

Other Bills Orrin Supports Because They Make America StrongerEdit

Other Bills Orrin Opposes Because They Would Hurt AmericaEdit

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