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The Cookie that Jesus and Stephen Colbert Both Choose When they are hungry. Truly a delightful cookie.

Why is it so great? Edit

If you are reading this, you must not know how good oreos are, and therefore, you are an alien. Or, if you just haven't gone to Heaven and back yet, it's very obvious why they're great. Because they are!!!!!

History Edit

Oreos were created around year 1 B.C. because the people needed a proper way to greet Jesus. The cookie was made of material originaly brought down to Earth by an angel that came to set up Jesus' arrival. The cream was made from the milk of Joseph's goat. Everyone in the manger was eating oreos on the greatest day ever. It made everyone happy. If it weren't for the oreo, Jesus would come into a miserable worl, making his job a lot harder (although it still wouldn't be a challenge for Jesus anyway).

The Homosnacksual AgendaEdit


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