Stephen creating the order

The Most Meritious, Prestigious and Honorable Order of The Most Hon. Sir Dr. S.T. Colbert, Esq. is a highly prestigious and honorable order of truthiness. Created the 29th of October of 2007, it is the highest civilian honor given to a contributor or follower of Sir Dr. Colbert, Esq. Nominees are accepted through a poll conducted by the High Council of the Order of Colbert (HCC) and the Lower Council of the Order of Colbert (LCC), whose members are hand-picked by Sir Dr. Colbert, Esq. himself. The Order’s Motto is “Truthiness for all, the drinks are on me”.


The Order is comprised of four different ranks. They are, in order of Seniority:

  • Star Commander (SC)
  • Commander (CC)
  • Officer (OC)
  • Member (MC)

Only the two highest ranks have membership limits, 19 and 64, respectively. All members are entitled to use the post-nominal letters after their name but before any other title which does not indicate peerage; i.e. Sir Dr. Stephen Colbert, Esq., SC, DFA; not Sir Dr. Stephen Colbert, DFA, SC, Esq. A maximum of 1964 members may be appointed per year.

Images for you to useEdit

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Getting NominatedEdit

To get nominated for the honor one must be incredibly influential towards the promotion of Colbertyness and truthiness. One must then give me an incredibly influential amount of money.

How do I know I got nominatedEdit

Um, I really don’t know. I think you can go to Master Reagent Colbertyness’s page to find out about that.


The Sovereign of the Order is Sir Dr. Colbert, Esq. The order has a High Council, of which the Sovereign is the Chair. The 19 Star Commanders serve as Members of the High Council of the Order of Colbert, and may use in addition to SC, the post-nominal letters MHCC. 10 other MHCC's are voted into five year terms to serve as "outsiders". The outsiders may use the post-nominal letters MHCC.

The next most senior offices are those of the Lower Council of the Order of Colbert (LCC). The Commanders occupy these positions. A Chair of the LCC is voted by its members to serve five year terms. He may be re-elected four times only, no more. He or she will also use the post-nominal letters CLCC.

The Master Reagent of the Order (MRC) is a Star Commander of the Order who has contributed incredibly to the Order. The current Master Reagent of the Order is The Hon. M.R. Sir Colbertyness, SC. He is currently entitled to use the p

Honorary members, who do not count towards the member limit, can attend their respective Council meetings as observers. They can propose resolutions, but cannot vote.

See AlsoEdit

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