Location Edit

Orange County is located in southern California, below the liberal infested Los Angeles County and above patriotic San Diego County (you know you are in the patriotic county once you hit the 1000 square mile Camp Pendalton.)

Areas within Orange County Edit

Santa Ana- The administrative hub of the county, you can go there and get tires for your car for twenty dollars and visit the beautiful Santa Ana Zoo all in one day. (The zoo does not have bears)

Huntington Beach- The birthplace of real rock n' roll such as the Beach Boys (they loved it) and Avenged Sevenfold. Huntington Beach is also known as "Surf City U.S.A" even though there are no waves due to a huge rock being placed off the coast some 3 billion years ago. Maybe there were waves before then.

Westminster- Patriotic and elderly, and also home to Orange County's own "Little Siagon." Apparently the population freaked out when John McCain visited here on his first failed presidential run, not in fear, but joy. ???

Fountain Valley- The only things that make this place worth visiting are a bowling alley and park that is supposedly a square mile.

Newport Beach- largest population of plastic surgery recipients south of Hollywood. The well off like to live here because of its close proximity to shopping malls and so they can act like they live in Beverly Hills with an ocean.

Costa Mesa- Good tacos, yet no one trusts the name of the city. Orange Coast College has the largest population of strippers and porn stars per capita in the entire American educational system.

South County- Varies, but mostly a sparsly populated liberal/elitist stronghold. (i.e. Laguna Beach)

Fullerton- Nixon went to school here.

Things to do in Orange County Edit

- Orange Countyens have a particular fondness for all things 7-11, as they are on every corner and the only places open after 10 P.M.

- Go insane.

- Orange County is home to one of the most famous malls on the west cost, South Coast Plaza. This place is sort of the mecca of the area.

- Drive around and not go anywhere important.

- Eat "authenic" tacos and act cultured.

- Disneyland is located in the city of Anahiem. This is the number one propaganda tool aimed towards children in the world.

- Go to the beach and sing Beach Boys songs.

- After everything, you can always just sit on the curb of any of the thousands of strip malls and be in unimaginable awe towards this place's culture.

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