God Touching Adam
"Oral Roberts University"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Oral Roberts University describes itself as "a charismatic university, founded in the fires of evangelism and upon the unchanging precepts of the Bible, but with affordable tuition and very low admissions standards."

"God’s commission to" televangelist Oral Roberts founded the university the way a university should be founded - on faith.

Oral Roberts University

Oral's grippy hands in prayer - the 10th wonder of the world.

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Type of School: public or private
Annual Tuition: post tuition here
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Academic FacilitiesEdit

Housing FacilitiesEdit

Athletic FacilitiesEdit

Landmarks Only The Students Know AboutEdit


Degree Programs OfferedEdit

Affiliates and/or SubsidiariesEdit

Which may or not be accredited depending on who is President and what sort of book-supporter education standards are in place:

  • Coburn School of Law


Teams FieldedEdit


Student LifeEdit

Student GovernmentEdit



Fraternities, SororitiesEdit

Community ActivitiesEdit

Famous PranksEdit

Famous People Associated With Oral Roberts UniversityEdit

Famous StudentsEdit

Famous AlumniEdit

Famous StaffEdit

Famous Graduation SpeakersEdit

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