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Operation Wiki FreedomEdit

This exercise will entail spreading the name of Our Glorious Stephen through as many wiki internets tubes as we possibly can, as long as they relate in some way to Stephen. Here are the steps to follow,

1) Find a Wikia wiki that Stephen is somehow associated with. Click here for the complete list of Wikia Wikis. or scroll down for some suggestions.
Ex. I will choose the House MD Wiki since we know Stephen loves the show, and has a picture of House on his Shelves of Honor.
2) Make sure there is a corresponding page for your chosen wiki on Wikiality. If not, create the page. The page must be truthy!
Ex. There are Gregory House and Hugh Laurie pages already.
3) Create an interwikia link on the Wikiality page to the page you are going to create on the other wiki and place it in the links section at the bottom of the page. The format is [[w:c:Wikia Name:Page Name|Link Title]]
Ex. I will link both house pages to the Stephen Colbert page on House M.D. Therefore, I would put at the bottom of both pages [[w:c:House:Main Page|House Wiki's Main Page]]
4) Click you new link and create the page about Stephen on the other Wiki. Make sure it is especially facty, no Truthiness. Do your research and cite sources if you can. Add an appropriate picture.
Ex. Click here for my example House Page
5) When finished, make sure to create another interwikia link linking back to the appropriate page on Wikiality. This should make for a beneficial situation for both wikis in that we are trading traffic and boosting our respective rankings.
Ex. So, in this case, I want to link back to the House page on Wikiality, so at the bottom of the Stephen Colbert page on the House Wiki, I would put this link in the links section: [[w:c:Wikiality:Gregory House|Wikiality's House MD Page.]]
6) If you want, stick around at the wiki you just found. Try to contribute on other pages if you can, and interact with the users. I'm sure they would appreciate another editor!

When finished, leave your sig and the wiki you worked on below.


Some Stephen Related Wikis To Help Get You Started?Edit

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