Onion is a loose union of city-states around the world. The political capital of Onion is Allium, a small land-locked independent sovereign city-state within Germany, not unlike how the Vatican City is within Italy. The economic capital of Onion is Vidalia within Georgia. Other cities include Carzalia, Reddish, Glennville, Maui, Zion, Zwiebel, Cepo, Oignon, Lauk, Andjoen, etc.

Politics Edit

The political structure of Onion is between a parliamentary democracy and a tribal republic. Every year the number of city-states in the Onion changes as new members are accepted and some old members left. Each Onion city-state has a representative in the parliament and the member with the most support from other members is the Prime Minister. There is no constitution. There is a monarchy but it has no official power.

Population Edit

Most of the population of Onion are political refugees and religious pioneers, exiled from their homeland. Natives of Onion are actually in the minority.

Some criminals fled to hide in Onion to avoid capture and extradition. Nevertheless, America often preform Extraordinary Rendition when terrorists are hiding in Onion.

Religion Edit

There is no official religion in Onion. The largest religious group is believed to be the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after America outlawed polygamy, but since no census is done, this is often disputed. Another large religious group in Onion is the Buddhist after China annexed Tibet.

Media Edit

The official newspaper of the Onion is The Onion Times until it was bought by an American corporation renamed it to TheOnion and only kept it as a brand name.

Laws Edit

Onion uses the common laws system, rather than the statute laws system found in most other country. This means that laws are set by precedent by jury instead of being written by politicians and lobbyists.

There is no copyright laws in Onion and people across the world often use Onion servers for web hosting for that very reason.

ccTLD Edit

The Country-Code Top-Level Domain of the Onion is .onion. However, due to the primitive internet connection available to the small country, traffic congestion often occurs. If you are experiencing bad connections to Onion, ask a computer science undergraduate how to make better connections to Onion.

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