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The ultimate in fighting the terrorists, one-stop shopping is a convenience available only in America to Americans!


It all started America's brave fighting men returned home after single-handedly kicking nazi ass in World War 2 (U.S.A.! U.S.A.!).

During the war, American ladies stayed home and tried to do the work of the menfolk, but couldn't keep up!

It was so stressful!

The little women couldn't wait to get back to vacuuming in high heels and breast-feeding Junior while enjoying a cool menthol cigarette or fine glass of wine!

Soon families were reunited and the world returned to normal: daddy went off to work, the kids went to school and mommy stayed home cleaning, tending to her ever-growing brood and smoking and drinking.

When daddy came home with his first paycheck from Consolidated Amalgamated, Inc., mommy found a new hobby: shopping!

Unable to move due to her new girth and swollen ankles, mommy used the catalog, the telephone and the United States Post Office to purchase every possible thing imaginable short of a little healthy exercise if she walked to the local grocery store every once in a while.

Modern One-Stop ShoppingEdit

Modern mommys can still avoid exercise and still look good by using the internets!

Botox, breast implants and liposuction are available with the click of a button!

But, don't count out the local grocer! He has been modernizing too!

Check out the list below to see how boutiques of every stripe are competing to be the one place perpetually pregnant, swollen ankled mommies go for their one jaunt out of the house.

Examples of One-Stop Shopping ConveniencesEdit

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