The Olympic Torch is a time honored tradition/object/relic/WMD was started by the baby Jesus when after he popped out of the Blessed Mother and proceeded to steal borrow for an extended period of time the sacred torch from Mount Olympus. The baby Jesus gifted the torch to the young Adolf Hitler after his offering of a burnt efgy of Karl Marx. Adolf proceed to continue the tradition of the baby Jesus stealing borrowing the torch Mount Olympus by each country stealing the torch from its former holder.


Uses for the Olympic Torch and their history:

Time Honored Tradition:

The most recent use has of course been its symbolic passing on of the Olympic spirit and art the thievary and its root in anciet Greece. Here is a list the qualifications to carry the torch: -Male -Human/Flamingo/Moleman -Blond armpit hair -Blue toenails -6 1/18 foot tall -Rightful heir to the Duchy of Schacleriüchier -Sworn Knight of the Knights of the Bards of the Molemen of the Third Born of Hühner -Defeat a level 16 Al Gore in a spoon to the death(spoon dual)

The 2008 Olympic tourch will arrive in the bay area on Wednesday and will mark the first time that something flaming was not welcome in San Francisco.[1]

If the tourch is extinguished it is expected to be relit with Richard Simmons.

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