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Hey Old School Southern Gentleman!
Won't you join your neighbors for an old-fashioned Southern BBQ!?

An old school Southern gentleman is a man who fervently upholds the traditions of Dixie.

Understanding The TermsEdit




How An Old School Southern Gentleman Is Different From Other MenEdit

What An Old School Southern Gentleman Would Do What A Latte-drinking, Volvo-driving, NPR-listening, Birkenstock-Wearing, New York Times-Reading, Tofu-Eating Librul "Man" Would Do
In sports root for the correct team/conference, participate to save face/prove one's manhood complain about the violence
In the company of women ignore them, but if that's not possible talk about one's mother ask them for their opinion

How Difficult It Is These Days To Uphold TraditionEdit

Fighting Against FeminazisEdit

Fighting PC LibrulsEdit

The Old School Southern Gentleman Shall Rise Again!Edit

See AlsoEdit

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