The uncannily well-preserved body of Oetzi has fascinated scientists across Europe.

Oetzi, the Iceman is/was a 5,000 year-old caveman born just a couple of years after God created the universe. His mummified body was discovered in an iceberg near the border of Italy and Austria in 1991.

In 2007, questions surfaced as to the cause of Oetzi's death. He did not die of natural causes: In fact, it was...


In fact, Stephen Colbert is related to Oetzi, making it personal, and he has sworn on-air to find his killer, most recently on the February 11, 2008 broadcast of The Colbert Report.Episode #352

2008 Presidential CampaignEdit

Oetzi was most recently seen in 2008, making appearances at rallies for then-Presidential candidate John McCain. Oetzi was an integral part of the McCain campaign's attempt to make the elderly Senator appear younger by comparison.

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