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Defying the long-standing tradition of providing the visitor's log to the media[1], the Obama Administration has used the heretofore unused and unheard-of excuse of "executive privilege" to keep his visitor's log hidden from the public eye!

Americans everywhere are outraged that the only change Obama is bringing to America's White House is overwhelming secrecy!

Please help keep the spotlight on who is visiting President Hussein Obama by adding the names, dates, times and reasons for the people you just know are visiting in the sections below.

White House Visitor's Log, 2009Edit

Date Time In Visitor's Name Came By To See Reason Time Out
24 AUG 1400 Local Don Knots Rahm Immanuel Health Care Reform 1415 Local
25 AUG 0200 Local Carrot Top Carrot Top Carrots, Tops, Body Building 0450 Local
new date-3 new time-3 next visitor-3 who-3 why-3 exit-3
new date-4 new time-4 next visitor-4 who-4 why-4 exit-4

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