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Obama Bear Market was a Featured Word on 03/06/2009.
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Obama Bear Market
is part of's series on Socialistic, America-hating Ideas!

Crazy Barry's Bear Market! Come on DOWN!

The Obama Bear Market is a weekend market where President Obama sells bears to the American public at discount prices.

Crazy Barry's Discount Bears


You won't find a cheaper Bear!!!

The recent Credit Crunch and other fiscal disasters on the Stock Market have left America with a surplus of bears! So what are we gonna do? We're doing it the American Way! We're SELLING THEM AT LOW LOW DISCOUNT PRICES!!!

If you can buy a better bear cheaper anywhere, BUY IT!!! But you won't find it, because nobody's crazier than Crazy Barry!!! You won't find a wider selection of bears at better prices that right here at the Bear Market! On Sundays from 10-4 there's a collapsed hedge fund absolutely free with every purchase! Saturdays, come down and buy a bear and receive your choice of special gifts, including 10, count 'em, 10! Bear Stearns and Merryl Lynch Commemerative Shares!!! And we've even got balloons and hot-dogs for the kids! So COME ON DOWN to Crazy Barry's Discount Bears! If you can find a cheaper bear, I'll discount it even further!!!


Cash only. All sales are final.


Come On DOWN!


Everything must go!!!



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