is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly referred to as OSHA, is a left-over liberal entitlement program still limping gamely along under the pitying generosity of the Department of Labor. OSHA is supposedly responsible for protecting American workers from on-the-job mishaps and injuries, but we would probably have far fewer injuries if we didn't feel the need to rebel against all these OSHA regulations.

A liberal activist judge recently ordered that OSHA would have to reveal all the information that it has been saving up in its database tubes for the last 25 years , even though OSHA insisted that this would help the terrorists. The judge listened to some whiny, factinista whistleblower who used to be the head of some OSHA beryllium inspection superhero team or something, because he seems to have been exposed to a lot of beryllium, possibly. He is looking forward to getting hold of that data to find out what he has and may come up for him now.

Just a reminder that activist judges will stop at nothing to tear down America.

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