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OG (Original Geek)

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An OG or Original Geek is someone who contributed to geek culture. Their influence and impact is the reason why geeks exist today.



Thing just got "real"

List of OGsEdit

  • Isaac Asimov: Created an army of robots to overthrow the American government.
  • Isaac Newton: Invented gravity, he is now being prosecuted against the death of many fall victims.
  • Gene Roddenberry: Started his own gang of space pirates with the purpose of pimping space babes and science to corrupt our children.
  • JRR Tolkien: Tolkien (or Toller as he is known in the streets) has a long criminal record. Possession of paraphernalia jewelry known to cause delusional paranoia and hallucination. Assault and battery against a Dark Lord. Bodily harm against a hobbit. False imprisonment against another hobbit. Kidnapping and sexual molestation of hawt female elves. etc.
  • Albert Einstein: Father of WMDs. Nuff said.
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Wanted as a member of a notorious gang known as "The Renaissance". We suspect they are attempting to overthrow the Papacy with their radical ideals like humanism.
  • Michael Angelo: Notorious street graffiti criminal. Wanted for the vandalism of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Bill Gates: Assassination attempt against his geek rival, Steve Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs: Assassination attempt against his geek rival, Bill Gates.
  • Thomas Edison: Wanted for single handedly destroying the candle industry. Millions of Americans are out of work while the candle manufacturing industry is bankrupt.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Crimes against the British Crown are numerous. Suffice to say he is wanted for inciting revolt, anarchism, and criminal behavior against a recognized authority in an attempt to overthrow a legal government created by a monarch.
  • Benjamin Franklin: Attempted robbery of lighting from God. Solicitation and consorting with French whores during a time of war.
  • Stephen Colbert: Dungeon Master of D&D, he is wanted for the murder of Elvenprincess_59.

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