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Nutmeat is the essence of any and all situations. It is the most basic part of anything in life. People are encouraged to try to find their "inner nutmeat" by grabbing life by the balls and never letting go. Also, supporting America is generally viewed as the fasted and easiest way to reach "nutmeatvana."

Sometimes, the nutmeat can get clogged or blocked by feces. So, in order to "get to the nutmeat" of something, one must first "cut the crap." Sometimes, the crap could be so thick, as in Air America, that the waste could "hit the fan," and thus a "shitstorm" would develop. In these instances, cutting the crap is impossible, so one can only sit and wait for the storm to pass. It usually helps to picture something calming, such as a beach, a sunset, or a Republican-controlled Congress.

It is said that truthiness is the purest form of nutmeat. Here, the crap has been completely shaved off, and all that remains is the absolute innermost part of anything. While some may consider wikiality to be part of nutmeat, sometimes it may be clogged by so-called "right-thinking" people who try to contaminate the group consensus with their own brand of poop.

Examples of Things that have Gotten to the Nutmeat Edit

Examples of Things that Still Need to Cut the Crap Edit

It must be noted that it is possible for something that is in the "Crap" column to got to the "Nutmeat" column and vice versa. Scientist predict that Wikipedia may one day get down to the nutmeat if fewer Democrats use it.

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