If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a
Nurse patch

Good old C Co 3-25, without their Nurses, many of our brave men in uniform wouldn’t have the morale to come back injured…

A nurse is a woman who gives medicine to patients at the hospital. Sometimes she sees people when they are naked. It is said that Sexy Nurses are God’s gift to sickly men and Buttugly Nurses are his way to punish the wicked...

Who Can Become A Nurse?Edit

Asian Nurse

Admit it, you are dying to be sick…

Only fit women should become Nurses.

What Education Does A Nurse Need?Edit

A Degree from BJU

What Do Nurses Do?Edit

emmmmmm.....Make patients feel better.

What Special Equipment Do Nurses Need?Edit

A body nice enough for one of those slutty nurse costumes.

Where Do Nurses Work?Edit

On patients happy place.

How Much Money Do Nurses Make?Edit

Not enough. Which is why they are happy to do "Anything" for the right price.

External TubesEdit

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