Nunavut Territories
is a Canadian Province, eh.

The "Great" Province of Nunavut Territories
Capitol: The Shed
Official Flower: Thomas Forsythe
Official Language: add stuff here-3
Official Animal: Mark Brandon
Official Beer: add stuff here-5
Nickname: add stuff here-7
Governor General: add stuff here-8
Official Anthem: add stuff here-9
Population: add stuff here-10
Standard MPH: add stuff here-11
Principal imports: add stuff here-12
Principal exports: add stuff here-13
Principal industries: add stuff here-14
Fun Fact # 1: add stuff here-15
Fun Fact # 2: add stuff here-16

History Of The Nunavut TerritoriesEdit

Origianlly inhabited by a midget/penguin crossover, Nunavut was taken over by Europeans and Michael Jackson. There was a epic war between the crossovers and the M.J. Euro crew but the crossovers were vanquished. People in Nunavut have claimed that they have located an underground city of the crossovers but are yet to decide whether to introduce them to skinny jeans or to utterly annihilate with Mario and his epic Flower Power.

Nunavut Territories TodayEdit

800px-Flag of Nunavut.svg


you suck meat

Famous People From The Nunavut TerritoriesEdit

A Typical Day In The Nunavut TerritoriesEdit


Strange Laws in The Nunavut TerritoriesEdit

It is illegal to break the law except if you want to

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