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If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.

This page details the number one nation, America, and many other things which are the best. For other uses, see Number One (Disambiguation)

In this age of globalization, competition in all its forms has become more heated than ever. With the opening of borders and America's generosity to allow other countries to compete, non-Americans are starting to take the lead over America in some fields of competition. This page is dedicated to showcasing what America is best at while also displaying all the cute and adorable attempts other countries make to try to surpass her.

We're Number One! Edit

Number One!

America is also the #1 consumer of large foam fingers that proclaim America's superiority.

  • Number One! in Heroes [4]

Countries who'd like to take a Number Two on America by being Number One Edit

Eagle finger

I got your "one" right here, KAW!

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