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'Nucular' is a Christian adjective that can describe many opportunities for industrious Americans (for the other uses, please see the See Also section below.

In this article, will describe the most awesome way to utilize the word nucular: to generate electricity.

Nucular power (sometimes mispronounced "nuclear" (how do you even say that!?) was invented by Jesus in 1945 and given to America to help defeat The Axis Of Evil.

It has many uses, the least of which is reminding the rest of the world just exactly who kicks ass! (America, of course!)

It is great for making Nucular Weapons or as an alternative the only fuel that allows you to go back in time. Originally, Jesus only let America have nucular power, but Bill Clinton gave it to France so now the terrorists have it.

The only better way to make electricity is with clean coal, but hippies are blocking it, so America has to use nucular power.

Origin & HistoryEdit



The word nucular much like 'aluminum' was, for the longest time misspelled. The Axis Of Evil had caused Americans to misspell it 'nuclear'. And in some of the worst cases mispronounced as "nuclear". But this was all put back in order for the rest of the world after The Greatest President properly pronounced it properly: "nucular".




Dead nuclear officials are guaranteed.

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Lies Tree-Huggers Tell About Nucular PowerEdit



Best Places To Store It Once You're Done Using ItEdit



See main article: Yucca Mountain

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