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The Norwedgian Polor Bear war started in 1346 when Norway invaded Sweden for stealing the native sheep of Norway. One of the greatest generals was General Kristoffer Matthew Cruz who found the fountain of youth and in a recent interview proclamed, "Kiss my fat black ass Spain".

King Cruz is currently working on his autobiography entiteled "I am Norway (And so can you!)".

The main weapon that was used in the war was the Gorman flail, named after the son of the great tactician, Hannibal. In the the third year of the war the great nation of the United States came to Sweden's aid led by the commander in chief, Hatman34. The president obtained a long scar on his arm from the bear terrorist, Bubbles.

Leave it to the Norwegians to attack a nation with bears, Colbert Nation has its eye on you Norway.

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