Northern Territory
is one of Australia's states.

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The Australian State Territory of NORTHERN TERRITORY
Northern Territory
Capitol: Darwin
Official Flower: Freeze-Dried Desert Thistle
Official Language: G'day'ese (Simplified)
Official Animal: Dingo
Official Beer: Yellow tinnie
Motto: Fack it's hot, mite
Nickname: the fly-over state
Governor General: Whoever can drink the most beers that year.
Official Anthem: Down In The Dole Queue
Population: not real big
Remaining English Prisoner Population: Unknown due to the majority of them have immigrated to Western Australia or Victoria.
Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population: None, all eaten by saltwater crocs
Standard MPH: None, State has adopted socialist metric system
Principal imports: Beer, yank sailors
Principal exports: Partial remains of German tourists who ignore croc warning signs near waterholes and rivers
Principal industries: Waiting in dole queues
Fun Fact # 1: Rains a lot half the year. Don't rain muh the other half.
Fun Fact # 2: Dingo ate my baby!

History of Northern TerritoryEdit

Very, very long, like millions of years, mate

Northern Territory TodayEdit

Not much different than before, 'cept there's more beer

Northern Territory Climate & GeographyEdit

Hot 'n' Dry or Hot 'n' Wet. Flat.

Northern Territory CitiesEdit

  • Darwin
  • Humpty Doo

Northern Territory LandmarksEdit

  • Uluru/Ayers Rock

Northern Territory CultureEdit

Beer & women.

Famous People From Northern TerritoryEdit

  • Mandawuy Yunupingu
  • Dingo that stole that baby

A Typical Day in Northern TerritoryEdit

Very hot and full of having to defend young children and babies from the dingo who have gotten a taste for human flesh.

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